Lucia Gandelová (SK)
Family Photo Album as a Visual Atlas
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava
doc. Marcel Benčík
An old box with archive photographs from many decades without any descriptions is not only a precious family keepsake – it can also become a research object for designers. The author has designed a publication where pictures and their fragments, apart from carrying historical and sentimental value, serve as a resource for purely visual perception. The subsequent photos form a narrative: they tell stories, which fill in the gaps in descriptions of people and places. The publication has a shape of an atlas and can be used to store family data. Particular visual components have their own numbers which refer to the register at the end of the album, where users can find names and surnames of the people presented in the book, their dates of birth and deaths, and family relationships. The publication presents visual materials which can be later analysed by historians or sociologists.