Magdalena Bojko-Michalak (PL)
Totems – cross-generational game
M.A. project
University of the Arts in Poznań
dr Magdalena Grenda
The main idea behind the Totems project is cross-generational integration: connecting children with elderly people. The project comprises wooden forms, inviting users to experiment with them, and a universal game for older people, which stimulates their brains. The power of the project lies is the possibility of using all the elements – balls, boards, and blocks – in cross-generational activities. The climax of the game is the moment when all the components form a totem. The game has several levels and the players can either cooperate or compete. While playing, an elderly person can find his or her inner child and return to the world of children’s imagination. On the other hand, the young players get a chance to learn from adults and build bonds with their grandparents.