Maria Smaga (PL)
Help – A mobile app for first aid
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
Doktor dr Jakub Sowiński
HELP is a tutorial application which shows how to administer first aid when there is no direct contact with a doctor at the scene of the accident and when it is necessary to react quickly. The app is clear and does not require any knowledge on the part of the user. Its functionalities include voice dictation and location tracking. To make the app even more accessible, the navigation and the emergency number button have been placed at the bottom of the screen. Particular components of the interface have been enlarged to maximum, while the necessary interaction with the app has been reduced to the minimum. The process of giving first aid is divided into individual stages, arranged in a chronological order and easy to grasp. The instructions do not use specialised terminology and they are expressed in a calm yet firm way in order not to increase the feeling of stress. Last but not least, the app can be used to help animals too.