Sylwia Kruźlak i Dominika Jędrzejek (PL)
Projekt Dzielnica
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
dr hab. Anna Szwaja
Projekt Dzielnica – The District Concept – is an idea of sharing unused resources from local industrial and craft production. The management of post-industrial waste is made possible thanks to a platform which connects people owning reusable materials with potential recipients. The project emphasises the need for the maximum use of natural resources regardless of their shape or size as well as the value of the work of human hands and the cooperation of producers, craftspeople, and designers. The first objects promoting the project are: table tennis racquets, reusable cotton pads, caps, crayons, juggling balls, badges, and card cases. All are designed with the possibility of recycling in mind. Another part of the project is a series of skills workshops aimed at teaching participants how to use the materials available on the platform.