Tomáš Skřivánek (CZ)
M.A. project
Brno University of Technology
docent Ladislav Křenek
As the consumer behaviour is changing and the number of online orders is growing, the so-called last mile transportation problem has become an important issue. The UNIQ project is a response to this challenge: an urban light commercial vehicle, with a futuristic, minimalist look. The driver can manage the cargo space from the inside of the car, protected from the traffic and weather. The area for parcels is divided into four modules, where products are placed with the support of automated technology of scanning and tracking. The modules are replaceable, so the system can be modified according to the type of goods. In the project, the driver controls the vehicle. As the author points out, the safety of the driver, the convenience of use, and the ergonomics of operation are the crucial factors in his project.