Daria Wypiór (PL)
Show me where your nose, ear, vulva are
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
prof Jarosław Szymański
The author of the project addressed the issue of sex organ nomenclature. She drew inspiration from one of the popular games for little children, who are asked to show where their eyes or ears are. The genitals, however, are normally omitted from the game. The designer came up with a teaching aid directed to primary school children to help them acquire basic knowledge of anatomy. Its goal is to raise their awareness, avoid misinformation, and prevent sexuality from being a taboo topic when kids become teenagers. The project consists of 16 models with instructions presenting the correct names of human sex organs. The author intentionally simplified the models: she kept their fundamental visual traits to make them recognisable, at the same time ensuring that they would not appear crude. The project was largely influenced by works of 20th-century artists.