Karla Gondeková Karolína Matušková (CZ)
Listovatel.cz – Karel Placka’s open brochure
M.A. project
Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague
doc. MgA. Juraj Horváth
Listovatel.cz is a free website with worksheets for children aged 7 to 11. The project was influenced by the pandemic, the world of new technologies, the growing generation gap, the climate crisis, and the visual pollution which results from the poor design quality of the educational materials available on the market. The worksheets present everyday subjects, divided into five areas: communication, light, time, construction, and movement. The children are guided by the figure of Grandpa Karel Placka. He connects the modern world with the past, which he experienced himself. On the other hand, the children teach him how to live in the world of new technologies. The main focus of the project is accessibility – the worksheets can be easily printed at a relatively low cost as single pages or as a black-and-white notebook.