Katalin Pataki (HU)
TALKY – a play therapy tool
M.A. project
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
DLA habil Pál Koós
The author of the project was moved by the misfortune of children who are neglected or harmed in their homes. She created special toys that support therapists in establishing relationships with their little patients and in reaching their key memories, which helps them diagnose children correctly. Particular elements of the toys can evoke positive or negative associations. They have rounded or square shapes and warm or cold colours. Children use them to build figures that symbolise their families. Intuitively, they set up role-playing situations in which the good and bad characters are recreated, along with their interactions and surroundings. Particular components of the toys have magnets, which make the construction easier. In the course of the design process, the author tested the toys during workshops with children.