Magdalena Kierzek (PL)
Women of design – Polish women designers working in 1950–1990
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
dr hab. Jacek Mrowczyk
What has become of all the women designers? This graduation project was developed to find the answer to that question. The subject of women in Polish graphic design has not yet been sufficiently explored, studied, and analysed. To discover the forgotten and overlooked women specialising in applied graphic design, the author of the project carried out research in museums, galleries, libraries, and publishing houses. She used the collected resources to create a website that presents Polish women designers working in 1950–1990. Apart from the three main protagonists, she portrayed other designers and their works. A short story of her research is also recounted on the website. The project serves as an introduction to the debate about the unexplored part of the history of Polish graphic design and an invitation to further investigation.