Petra Kmošťáková (CZ)
B.A. project
Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem
MgA. Jan Čapek
Hettie is a set of porcelain plates created for people with disabilities and special needs. The soup plate has an unusual shape which prevents the contents from spilling and keeps the meal warm for longer. The dinner plate, on the other hand, has a high rim, which prevents food from falling out; there is also a special dent for sauce. The plates have stable bases and they can be safely stacked. They are also easy to grab and hold – the user can eat a meal using one hand. The double-sided walls protect the eating person from scalding. The cone shape enables the user to eat at a table or in a wheelchair. The visual design of the plates is also attractive and they are available both in white and in other colour variants.