Virág Németh (HU)
Graphic Artist
M.A. project
Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest
Tamás Felsmann Tamás Felsmann
The author of the project decided to create an unusual cookbook. She selected a group of food products that are believed to be aphrodisiacs. She developed 20 recipes for meals including these ingredients, to be served on dates. The goal of the project was to prepare an enlightening and entertaining book about the subject – it does not contain any medical and health-related guidelines. Each recipe is presented on two pages, comprising texts, photos, and illustrations. They have humorous erotic undertones but they do not overstep the boundaries of good taste. Readers may notice the allusions or ignore them. Photography was the greatest challenge in the project, as the author had never specialised in food pictures before. The photoshoot was eventually carried out at home, with artificial lighting.