Adam Friedrich (PL)
Patient’s personal space in temporary hospitals
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
dr Jacek Ryń
In his project, the designer addressed the need for arranging personal space for patients at temporary hospitals. The project was developed in cooperation with the staff and management of a temporary hospital. The outcome of the project is a rolling cabinet made from laminated boards. The cabinet is equipped with lighting and a pull-out table. It allows patients to store and organise their personal possessions and makes it easier for them to have meals and use a computer. The object can be moved to various locations, also near the patient’s bed, which makes it accessible to people with reduced mobility. The main focus in the project is to use technologies which make it possible to produce the object in a quick and affordable way and to distribute the cabinets easily in periods of greater demand. The designer is currently discussing the possibility of implementing the project.