Barbara Koniecka (PL)
From the life of a sleepwalker. Home equipment for the study of sleep disorders
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
dr hab Daniel Zieliński
The project was inspired by the designer’s personal experience: as a young adult, she began to sleepwalk. As this problem worried her a lot and reduced her sense of self-trust, she decided to create a solution which would give her information about her sleepwalking episodes. Her research was supported by consultations with a neurologist and a psychiatrist. As part of the process, she analysed cases of sleepwalking during therapy. As a result, she designed a kind of canopy, which can be “locked” with magnets sewn into the edges of its walls. Owing to the shape of the fabric, with a triangular cut on top, the wall opens when a person starts sleepwalking, and it does not close again, which serves as evidence of sleep disorders. The tulle used in the canopy builds a delicate barrier which reduces the risk of sleepwalking.