Emilia Kolanowska (PL)
Safe Space – designing for mental health
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
dr Tomasz Rygalik
Safe Space is an experimental project combining research, design, and art. It is not a medical product but its goal is to support highly sensitive persons, in particular those struggling with anxiety. The designer interviewed a number of people living with this problem and designed three objects: a onesie, a pendant, and a comforter. The first object draws on the positive impact of touch to support the sense of safety. The second item emphasises the importance of breathing in coping with panic attacks. The shape of the pendant adjusts to the person’s hand, giving a calming effect. The third object serves as a space for regeneration and contemplation. The natural materials used in the prototypes – wood, cotton, linen, and wool – engage the senses in a supportive way.