Erzsébet Jiang (HU)
Prettier than you'll ever be
M.A. project
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
DLA Edit Szűcs
The author of the project shows that the theme of feminine masculinity is not a new phenomenon in pop culture, as it has its historical and cultural predecessors. The designer compares examples from the Eastern and Western cultures, focusing on K-pop. She was mostly inspired by the flower boy trend as a male standard of beauty in the industry. The pretty, dainty boys and their music played an important role for the designer in her teenage years, so her graduation work is a form of tribute to them. What is more, the project alludes to the nearly religious admiration that fans have for their idols, which is why flowers are used as a sacrificial motif in the design. The project features an experimental collection of men’s clothing and patterns which reflects the playful, fluid, and alternative reality of K-pop.