Jacek Vasina (PL)
Guerrilla design
B.A. project
SWPS University, School of Form in Warsaw
mgr inż. arch. Maciej Siuda i Mateusz Falkowski
The author of the project was fascinated by the concept of guerrilla design, which he decided to expand and redefine. The project is an attempt to create solutions which can help citizens cope with infrastructure errors making their daily life in the city difficult. This is also a proof that changes can be introduced with the use of available resources combined with commitment, creativity, courage, and compassion. Using simple technologies and tools, the designer created eight objects built of free or recyclable materials. As part of the project, he also designed a zine with a collection of ideas and suggestions of actions as well as a map of places which inspired the creation of particular objects, sources of materials, and the locations of the created elements.