Jarosław Pawlicki (PL)
Graphic design for a music publication and a series of original graphics for the music of Wacław Zimpel
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
dr Adam Świerżewski
The project explores the area where music and graphic design meet. The author was inspired by the graphic forms of musical notation used by 20th-century composers. He is searching for a visual representation of a piece by Wacław Zimpel, composed with this project in mind and never published before. The visual elements reflect the architecture of the composition. To visualise music, the designer uses simple geometric shapes: squares, rectangles, lines, and circles. These forms, referring to the European system of musical notation, can be printed using the screen printing technique. The project is planned as a low-circulation, limited edition that shows the possibilities of using crafts and recycled, environmentally-friendly materials for music publishing.