Katarzyna Śliwa (PL)
Concept of a multifunctional kitchen appliance in accordance with the principles of circular economy
B.A. project
Cracow University of Technology
prof. Inż. Jerzy Andrzej Sładek
The concept of the project resulted from the designer’s idea to find alternatives to the huge number of motors and electronic components in kitchen appliances. The resulting project is a multifunctional device which can be used as a blender and a coffee and nut grinder. The designer was inspired by similar solutions from the past. The appliance is fixed to a junction box. Thanks to its modular construction, you can buy it and use as a whole or as selected individual elements. As a result, the product can be customised and easily repaired. The benefits to the manufacturers include the possibility of reusing the components, renovating them, and selling to new customers or reselling to parts suppliers. This kind of approach can prolong the product lifecycle.