Patryk Skoczylas (PL)
Graphic design for the branding, signboard, and shop window of a millinery studio in Gdynia
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
Dr Jakub Stępień
As part of the project, a hatmaker’s workshop in Gdynia changed its name into “Modystka” (Polish for “milliner”) and received a new visual identity, implemented in cooperation with the Traffic Design Association. The minimalist form of the design alludes to the modernist traditions of Gdynia. The main inspiration for the designer was the shape of hats, presented in a linear and simplified way and resembling the shape of ships. The shape of a hat is also present in the signboard with the name of the workshop. The shop window is decorated with decals representing particular services. The project was supervised by a conservator-restorer and the city’s art consultant. On their request, the façade was renovated in accordance with its historical look and the original colour of the window frames was restored. Other visual elements of branding were designed for print and online promotion.