Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I send in presentation boards I used to defend my diploma for my illustrations?
    Yes, bearing in mind that we are interested in a concise and simple presentation of your work – one that helps us to understand the design. Charts often include a great deal of detailed information and additional graphic elements which, when reduced to display resolution (and this is how they will be seen by the evaluators), can lose their visibility.
  2. How should I describe the work?
    The work should be concisely described, avoiding “poetic” and subjective interjections. The description should include the design premises, indicate the target group, the materials and technologies applied, and an explanation of how it works (in the case of complex equipment). It is worth pointing out the design’s innovations. The technical parameters of the final product should also be indicated, e.g.: the scale and size of the model or prototype, and the type, number, and formats of the graphic designs.
  3. How should the work be shown?
    1. What inspired you in the project’s creation? 2. Who is the target group of your project? 3. What problem does your project solve? 4. Does your problem address wider cultural/historical/social/other contexts? If so – write more about it. 5. What distinguishes your project? What is original about it? 6. What materials/technologies/patents have you used? (if applicable) 7. What was the project process like? Was it preceded by research/analyses/interviews? If so, describe this process. 8. Have you tested your solution on a target group? With what results? 9. Who have you cooperated with in your project’s creation? (other designers/entrepreneurs/scientists/technologists/etc.) 10. How does your project work? What use does it have? How to interpret it? 11. Give the technical parameters of your work, the scale and size of the model or prototype, the kind, number, and formats of the graphic designs. 12. Does your problem have a chance to be implemented? Have you undertaken any action in this respect?
  4. Can I send in more than 10 illustrations?
    No, we are convinced that 10 illustrations should suffice to present any design quite well. We believe that the presentation style is also part of the designer’s work, and we are convinced that a 12-page calendar or a packaging series that exceeds 10 items can be happily shown in 10 illustrations.
  5. Can I submit a final project from a post-secondary-school or post-diploma design course?
    Only under the condition the course concludes with the graduates being awarded the title of an MA or BA.
  6. How do I present a multimedia project?
    Apart from photographs and the project description, please include a link to the presentation in the form field marked "link to presentation.”
  7. Can works be sent in via conventional mail?
    No. Works should be sent in through the submission form available at After the verdict is announced, we will contact every designer and agree upon the manner of supplying the files or designs both for publication and possible exhibition.
  8. What do I do when two or three designers work together?
    The work should be submitted under the name of one of the designers, and the others supplied in the description of the work.
  9. In what language should I supply the name of the school?
    Please put the name of your school in your national language.
  10. I was unable to save the work on the final day because the server was busy. Can I send in my work the following day?
    No. Please take into account that on the final day - particularly in the evening - there can be difficulty in saving the work because the server may be busy.