The best art theses were selected!

The competition jury was divided into a 2D section, represented by: Agata Korzeńska (Idee), Filip Tofil (STGU), Filip Blažek (TYPO), Marcel Bencik (1977, Slovak Design Center), Balázs Balogh (Hungarian Design Council) and a 3D section represented by: Ferenc Laufer (Hungarian Design Council), Czesława Frejllich (2+3D), Ewa Gołębiowska (Zamek Cieszyn), Michaela Holubec-Birtusová (Czech Design), Michal Latko (Latko), Marian Lassak (Slovak Design Center). They have decided to choose 30 pieces of artwork from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary today. You are going to see them in February next year at the post-competition exhibition in the Cieszyn Castle!

Official results are coming soon.