International Design Review


In 2002 the editors of 2+3D magazine organized the first review of diploma projects defended at Polish design academies, to which 45 works were submitted. Although the only prize was a presentation of the selected works in the pages of the magazine – no awards were assigned, nor even honorary laurels – the number of participants grew from year to year. Two years back, 149 works were submitted (93 graphic designs and 56 industrial designs). The initiative had clearly gained acceptance, and some designers even claimed that having their diploma project published gave them their first professional contacts and a start to a professional career.

In 2005 the Silesian Castle of Art and Enterprise in Cieszyn joined the undertaking as the organizer of cyclical exhibitions, where a wider number of works are presented.

Being convinced that the review is bringing the desired results, last year we took another important step in its development. Having several years of interesting collaboration with G4 Publishers behind us, we decided to join forces with the editorial boards of the Czech Typo magazine and the Slovak Designum to give the next edition international status. 30 diploma projects were sent in from the Czech Republic, 180 from Poland, and 14 from Slovakia. We hope that as the event increases in popularity the disproportion (resulting from the tradition of Polish reviews) will decrease. This year our co‑organizers were joined by friends from Hungary, which will surely make the group of participants grow and diversify as a result.

The rules and premises of the review have remained unchanged. The qualifying commission will consider the submissions in two categories: applied graphics and industrial design. The verdict will not be a competition classification of sorts, we do not assign positions, we do not give awards. The prize will be publication in 2+3D and Typo magazines and the web page of the review, and presentation at the Cieszyn Castle.

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