Magdalena Wojciechowska (PL)
Coffee, Tea, and Something Else…
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław
Profesor Lidia Kupczyńska-Jankowiak
A rare example of a good approach to a classic design. In order to function well, the ceramics industry has to stream production on two paths – one classic, the other modern. Factories offer, to an overwhelming degree, literal quotes from the past and the repetition of old models. In this case the borrowing has been done in a skillful, and even witty manner, using a contemporary language. The form of the dishes is clear and just might get noticed among the myriad of products on the shelves. Another asset is the attention to detail, which allows for a more economic Porcelite production without sacrificing the form’s sophistication. One flaw might be the sharp edges of the plates, which might chip during the production process and while in use. The necessity of a hand or mechanical finish will be a challenge for the producer, as this will affect the price of the product. The piece is ready to go to production. The attractive form, with its link to the past, will find customers for years to come. The only difficulty might be the relief on the plates’ surface; it is pretty, but it limits the number of potential decorations that might enhance the catalog, and help compensate for the cost of bringing a new model into production.