Nina Woroniecka (PL)
Memo – an everyday therapy kit for people with Alzheimer’s and their carers
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Grzegorz Niwiński
Memo is a great tool in the sensory therapy for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The kit consists of a loudspeaker, a scent diffuser, instruments, a mobile application, and a shelf. The instruments (a grater and three rattles) and the speaker – very intuitive, with only a couple of buttons – are used in music therapy. The scent diffuser sprays essential oils, releasing a particular fragrance with a special function (e.g. stimulating the appetite or relaxing) at a proper time. The mobile app contains a set of memory exercises; it can be also used to view photos which bring back memories. The person’s caregiver can set the times of waking up, going to bed, having meals; they are synchronised with the diffuser and the speaker, emitting smells and music at the appropriate time of the day adjusted to a given activity. The shelf is used to recharge the devices wirelessly. The project’s components will not put you off with medical design – they look nice and modern.