Lili Thury (HU)
Once upon a time there was Dzsumbuj
M.A. project
Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
Felsmann Tamás
This is a research project studying urban memory. It is focused on Dzsumbuj – a district of Budapest, bordered by the streets of Gubacsi and Illatos. Over the years, the area underwent the process of gentrification and became “invisible” for other residents of the capital of Hungary. Owing to its isolation, both in the social and physical sense, there are but a few people left who remember its history and the rhythm of life of the people in the past. In 2014, the local authorities decided to demolish the blocks of flats which had been there for years. Nowadays, the old inhabitants of Dzsumbuj live in other parts of Budapest. In the project, the author analysed the historical facts and individual experiences by means of collecting interviews and video and photo documentation from the district. The project consists of a poster containing fragments of conversations and archive articles and book and video interviews with the former residents. There is also a book presenting the issues that were most frequent in the discussions with the people from Dzsumbuj and quotations illustrating the subjects.