Katarzyna Borkowska (PL)
Catering Dish Set
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Justyna Bąbel-Piktel
Someone once said that design involves the formal and functional structuring of the user’s surroundings. Katarzyna Borkowska has found an interesting space which had little structure and aesthetic organization. Organizers of openings, official ceremonies, and other modest receptions have needed a designer to tackle this problem. Borkowska has served up a chiefly aesthetic feast: two variations on a similar theme. The “handy saucer,” with two interchangeable wine glasses, astonishes with its ergonomics. The second is a system of dishes based on a simple module of isosceles triangles, facilitating a wide assortment of combinations. Glasses are clearly needed for the latter open‑work ceramics appetizer dish sets. With such a rigorous system of table arrangements, it is not easy to reconcile round glasses with triangular dishes. Would this just bring us back to the old, unstructured space? Maybe it would be worth combining the two designs? Nothing is keeping the “handy plate” and the elegant wine glasses (from the first part of the design) from joining in to make a set.