Julia Bartczak (PL)
An accessible story about history and design in the context of the Academic Design Centre at Księży Młyn in Łódź. Design of visual and tactile objects
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
dr Anna Wrzesień
The project is addressed to people with visual impairment. It enables them to visit the Academic Design Centre located in Księży Młyn – a post-industrial area in Łódź. A tactile map of this urban complex will help them find their way around it and get to the main entrance. Other visual-tactile objects present the history of the neighbourhood and make it possible for blind visitors to experience the architecture of the building. Visitors can walk around the displays and the 3D details are placed at various heights. The size of the tactile stations meets the needs of people using wheelchairs. The objects are backed up with QR codes, which makes them accessible to foreign tourists as well. The designer has successfully combined tactile quality with visual attractiveness.