Michał Kozłowski (PL)
Beam street lamps
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Prof. Jerzy Wuttke
This lamp aims to be energy‑efficient, safe, and long‑lived, which means using LED modules and a construction that observes standards. It should be resistant to moisture and dust, and easy to service and conserve. These demands can come from any producer. But it is economy that sets this design apart. The cast‑iron set includes three light luminaires of various intensities, six extension arms for lighting poles available on the market, and an additional. The parts can be built into twenty‑three kinds of lamps for illuminating modern city constructions – downtown areas, streets, housing districts, and parks. Another equally important aspect of the design is the contemporary, yet neutral form. The designer’s intention was for the lamps to harmoniously blend into the structure of the city, and not to be ostentatious distinguishing features. This does not mean a lack of care for form and proportions. The quality and clarity of the design presentation make us feel confident that the designer will have no difficulty finding clients in the future.