Agnieszka Mazur (PL)
Takka furniture
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Tomek Rygalik
Coffee or breakfast? For some it makes little difference. For the designer of the takka set it does matter, however, what we eat, and in what position. The height can be regulated on the round table she designed, so it can serve as an “ordinary” table or as a coffee table. Its relatively modest diameter (60 cm) means that in the former case it fits only two settings, while at least three people can have room to set down their coffee. This is the number of users for whom the designer has planned chairs – stools with round seats analogous to the tabletop. The construction of both pieces of furniture is very similar. Both are supported on three legs that descend vertically from the tabletop, and then go outward somewhat until they reach the floor. In spite of having “only” three legs, the furniture gives the impression of being very stable. The choice of material – solid beech wood – helps here, as does the ample width all the way down the legs. The sharp contrast between the white tops and the wooden construction of the bases emphasizes the furniture’s natural grain and refined appearance. The screw mechanism that stops the tabletop at the desired height is operated with a simple T‑shaped handle. Its function is distinguished from the other components by its intense red color. Unfortunately, this mechanism cannot be seen from above the table, and thus if we fidget our legs in anticipation of the morning’s scrambled eggs we risk injuring our knee. Nonetheless, it remains a very tasty proposition.