Sylwia Piwońska (PL)
System 90° crate furniture
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Tomek Rygalik
The cupboards and shelves on the market have one vital thing in common – they are constructed to fit the walls and spaces of homes. This is why rooms are furnished in a linear fashion, with the walls and corners given short shrift. Corner space is hard to make use of. This neglected problem is the designer’s focus. She has created six different pieces of furniture in many configurations, in order to increase storage space. The system is made of particle board, and finished with natural oak plywood, composed of standing and hanging modules. Although the furniture’s strength is in structure, not style, the end product is simple, attractive, and easy to arrange with other wooden furniture and home furnishings. Given the ever‑growing number of objects in households and the simultaneous reduction of housing space, this idea for storage is well worth considering.