Barbora Gavláková (SK)
The Family Tree in Oščadnica / Graphic Design in the Countryside
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Pavol Bálik
This publication in devoted to the history of Oščadnica in the Kysuce region of northwest Slovakia. Three generations of Barbora Gavláková’s family have lived in this area, and are now the subject of this witty book composed of clearly divided text and visual layers. Information gained from conversations with family members and village inhabitants have been supplemented with facts from the chronicles of Oščadnica, the town elementary school archives, and the Kysuce Museum in Čadca. The main focus of the book is the lives of the women of the younger, middle, and older generations. The fortunes of the mother, grandmother, and great‑grandmother are joined by places, family relationships, and visual materials. The grid and layout of the various pages, chosen to match the book’s content, are reinforced by the use of three colors corresponding to the various generations. The book can be read in chronological order or following the intergenerational relationships, corresponding to the complex layers of illustrative materials. Part of the graduation project is the headline Čadnica typeface, specially designed in three versions. The book helps you discover the beauties of the Kysuce region.