Veronika Paluchová (SK)
Dolce Vita
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Prof. František Burian
In making the Dolce Vita collection, the designer went back to her childhood and holidays spent with her grandmother in a village. A barn, or a fence inspired her to create her furniture. The set includes an armchair, commode, hanger, lamp, and a mirror. Some rough and anonymous finds transported from the village – raw wood, branches, and weaves – were used as a “basis” for building new forms. They are not solely for decor – their use arises from functional needs, but they also supply tactile and visual impressions. For instance, the seemingly awkward front of the commode, made of rough wooden boards, helps you open the cabinet doors. The coarsely worked branches, reminiscent of a scythe handle, serve as a clothes hanger. The designer understands village life, where the harshest circumstances force people to think practically and to favor functional solutions over aesthetic ones. In this furniture collection she also managed to insert a great deal of emotion.