Adriána Ondrušová Katarína Plačková (SK)
Plantapeel – increase your modular plantasy
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
prof. Stanislav Stankoci
Plantapeel is a system of sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions in the field of product and textile design. The ways products are manufactured, distributed, and used, as well as responsibility for recycling, turn it into a living ecosystem. The products are made of plant-based fully recyclable mono-materials, using no glue and no sewing. They form a modular system, based on the creativity of users, who get to choose the materials, colours, and components. The snaps are 3D-printed, made of fully biodegradable PLA. To minimise the ecological footprint, there is no separate packaging for products as such and for shipping, and the marketing activities take place entirely online. The crucial aspects of the brand’s philosophy are visible in its organic logotype.