Levente Lévai (HU)
The Far East Set of Pots
M.A. project
University of West Hungary in Sopron
Sándor Csepreg
Our eating habits have changed. We need different dishes – we blend, we mix, we create a cultural mosaic on one plate. The set inspired by dishes from Japan, Tibet, and China follows this tendency. Nonetheless, it can be used in any kitchen, allowing us to prepare dishes from many cultural backgrounds. It is best if the pot is roomy, small, and attractive, so that what we cook inside will also be a feast for the eyes. The set is appealing in its tasteful shapes, its refined details, the aesthetic of the insides coated with ceramics, enamel, or Teflon. The combination of two fine materials – cast iron and pear wood – makes our meals healthier; we are inclined to believe that the dishes eliminate everything extraneous from the ingredients. The designer suggests replacing local wood with bamboo, however, and this gives us some reservations. The basic task of the dishes is to give us pleasure in cooking, and as with well‑designed tools, to make our work less laborious, even to make it joyful. An excess of the exotic might harm the design.