Izabela Lewkowicz (PL)
Font and graphic design for the Roman Missal – Ordo Missae
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
prof. Lech Majewski
The traditional Tridentine Mass rites celebrated in Latin are gaining in popularity. However, there are no updated publications on the Polish market which could serve the worshippers during a mass, other than the altar liturgical books. This project fills the gap as a book which is both modern and far from conventional. The author did not include copies of paintings by old masters; instead, she created Bible-related illustrations from scratch. She used traditional methods, such as drawing and linocut, which were then scanned and combined with computer-based techniques. What is more, she designed her own typeface for the publication, Vetus, characterised by the delicate lines of Gothic calligraphy. The handmade model of the book attracted the attention of a publishing house which intends to publish it.