Danuta Salamon (PL)
Ornare – A Design for a Web Site on the History of Ornament
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Prof. Marian Oslislo
Ornare is a responsive web page featuring information on ornaments – from their history and their characteristic attributes to how they are created. The main menu is divided into four categories: style, motif, search, and favorites. Under the style menu you choose a continent and then a kind of ornament. You can also go directly to the timeline, studying the history chronologically or choose the ornament and the time frame from the world map. Various ornaments can be selected from the “motif” menu as well. The subpages have information about particular styles, applications of ornaments, and their development. The service thus provides many ways of accessing the database, and also allows you to bookmark your favorite motifs. For designers, this page could be a fantastic source of inspiration. The subpages are very interesting, as they show the construction of the ornament in a simplified vector way. The small pictograms in the upper menu seem ambiguous, but they are quickly learned. The YouTube film presenting the web site does seem overlong, however, and a commentary from the author would perhaps be more helpful than the monotonous music.