Joanna Góra, Katarzyna Matuszewska (PL)
Ypsylon orthopedic-rehabilitation equipment
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
Profesor Wojciech Wybieralski i Profesor Krzysztof Chróścielewski
A survey conducted by the designer shows that elbow-support crutches are used only during convalescence, and thus relatively briefly, when bones are dislocated or broken. Then they become unnecessary. The present idea involves turning this equipment into another useful object. Ypsylon is made of two joined parts: the part that stabilizes the elbow is connected to an ordinary cane of adjustable height. When the former part is detached, the remainder turns into a trekking stick. Seniors, in turn, can use it as walking support. The form of the cane has many assets. The existing solutions are most problematic when both hands need to be free and the cane must be set aside, e.g. when sitting down on a chair. Generally, the round handle slides off the edge of the table and falls to the floor. In the present solution the flat back part lets you prop the cane up against the edge or surface of furniture. The cane is also retractable, which is useful in small spaces (in a car, for example). A lamp has been mounted in the grip. Interchangable tips for slippery and snowy ground are also foreseen. All these conveniences are the result of in-depth analysis of material collected from convalescents… except, perhaps, for the color scheme.