Ondřej Elfmark (CZ)
Integral Park Bench with Bike Stand
M.A. project
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
David Karásek
This park bench, into which the designer has fit a bike stand, is a economical solution. Grooves in the seat planks and channel bars of the construction stabilize the bicycle tires. The cyclist can secure the vehicle against theft, chaining it to a raised metal construction with a basic lock. This kind of design saves materials, production time, and money, facilitates logistics, and simplifies assembly and conservation. Moreover, it takes up less space in the street or the park, where greenery and not city furniture should dominate. The bench does not dazzle with its sophisticated form – on the contrary, it aims for neutrality. The minimalist construction does not detract from its fine proportions, refined finishings, and modern appearance. It fits equally well in the park landscape and in the city. This design is an example of responsible thinking about public space. The bench is currently being produced by mmcité (Czech Republic).