Olga Kominek (PL)
Tour de France 1903–2007
B.A. project
Glasgow School of Art
MFA Steve Rigley and Jo Petty
The project is devoted to the most prestigious bicycle race. It presents the heritage of the famous cycling competition through archive photos and intriguing details. Race overviews and information about scandals and doping affairs are accompanied by a column of the contestants’ names in all editions. The publication shows the Tour as something more than just a commercial spectacle organised to generate profits. Avoiding any references to advertising materials or sports magazines, it forms a clear contrast to the modern, largely commercialised aesthetics of the race. The book is neatly and clearly arranged and organised in terms of typography, with a touch of roughness provided by the handbinding with a distinct spine. It attracts the readers’ attention thanks to the combination of raw data with exciting photographs and other elements of its form, such as pages with narrow margins.