Nóra Kaszanyi Kaszanyi (HU)
M.A. project
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
Head of Dep. Balázs Vargha
People who can make full use of their senses have numerous tools to learn, perceive, and experience the world. The author of this project has concentrated on the blind persons’ problems, especially children who learn the alphabet. Using the 3D print technology, she has developed a set of tactile pictograms, each assigned to a particular letter. This toolkit can be therefore easily used in place of an alphabet book. The project enables creating longer pictogram stories so the tool can also be effectively used by elderly people as well as those who have lost their vision later in life. Thanks to the opportunities offered by the 3D print and the availability of the project as an open source, it can be freely printed anywhere in the world.