Helena Czernek (PL)
„Meeting" Furniture Set
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
dr. Tomek Rygalik
A furniture set made up of a table, stools, and high barstools, intended for kitchen furnishings. The design was inspired by country furniture, whose style and construction was a point of departure for developing contemporary products for urban consumers. For the construction and materials the designer tended toward industrial solutions, while also using combinations reminiscent of craftsmanship. The form of the stool draws from the traditional zydel [folk stool]. The basic premise, however, was economy of materials and simplicity of construction and production. All the furniture’s separate parts are designed to leave almost no waste after production. Where the construction needed to be particularly solid, the designer used hardboard and pegs. This same approach is visible in the functional solutions. The legs of the stools slant gently to ensure stability. The proportions are selected so that when the stool is tucked in, it does not stick out from under the table. The name Meeting is meant to allude not only to meetings at the kitchen table, but also to the “meeting” of country and city styles.