Lucia Gamanová (SK)
Gradient Diary
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Marcel Benčík
The project is the result of the analysis of the concept of a personal diary and planner as a medium which on the one hand must meet a series of typically functional conditions and on the other – be visually attractive and reflect the personality of its owner. The author decided to redefine the standard idea of a diary as a space combining the private and the public, i.e. available in the form of a blank copy. The project is of an open nature. The original diary is gradually filled with details and each following page interacts with the user. The author studies the relationship between the internal and the external and this is where she places the two opposite forms of the diary: in one of them, you become your mirror reflection, and in the other – its reduction. The two solutions extend beyond the borders of a diary as such, they are visually legible despite having different parameters. The diary is a room you enter to create your own message. The area of writing is changeable, as each page has its own individual character.