Veronika Trnková (SK)
Double smile – body positive zine
M.A. project
Technical University of Košice
Mgr. art. ArtD. Samuel Čarnoký
The author of this body positive zine decided to fill in the gap on the Slovak publishing market. The form of the publication is meant to fully reflect its content. This is possible thanks to the use of the risograph printing technique, which makes every print unique and imperfect. The effect is emphasised by the zine’s layout and hand-sewn binding. The project is based on humour, which makes it easier to talk about the deficiencies of the human body and how insignificant they are. This is the author’s way to support people in their uniqueness and to help them build healthy self-esteem. She has published three issues of the magazine so far: each of them features different visual solutions and colour palettes, linked with the same orange background.