Lukáš Čeman (SK)
Pictogram Typeface
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Eva Péč Brezinová
Lukáš Čeman has designed a set of pictograms in the characters set of a typeface (a “dingbat”). As he himself writes, “it all started with the temptation to create a type and fulfill my need to draw various representational figures.” The characters appearing in the alphabet are grouped into equivalents of letters, numbers, and punctuation and special symbols.

The 26 letters from a to z are imagined by the main character – a person – in various genders, races, creeds, and above all, with various character attributes. The capital letters present static figures, the small ones are in motion. Further differences arise from the use of each pictogram in four styles. Instead of the numeral, eight dogs, aliens, and one undefined creature appear. The punctuation and special symbols correspond to a whole range of objects which allow for the illusion of space to be created. None of the pictures’ forms draw from the Latin symbols.

Lukáš Čeman has created a fantastical world of comic‑book illustrations that could be endlessly expanded, building a formally unified space with varied and unique meanings.