Vojtěch Sojka (CZ)
City Bicycle with Electric Drive
M.A. project
City Bicycle with Electric Drive
Dana Rubínová
This project is a new e‑bicycle concept, created with young city‑dwellers in mind. It was co‑created with the Czech Superior Company, which also helped bring about this prototype. The designer has used a carbon belt drive. The duraluminum frame was made with hydroforming technology. The designer’s main aim was to achieve a bicycle that was lighter and easier to steer than those on the market. Weight distribution helps here: the battery is located to the rear of the frame, right next to the drive mechanism. The battery lets you ride for about 50 km. The vehicle’s trademark look comes from its rear wheel being attached only to the lower, reinforced part of the frame. This solution is to facilitate putting on the belt drive, and to cushion the rear part of the bicycle, thus improving the riding comfort. The handlebars and stem, combined into one, conceal a small computer that steers with the power of a motor. This technologically advanced bicycle has an attractive and non‑intimidating form that alludes to the finest traditional bike designs.