Zuzanna Wójcik (PL)
Touch the Textile
M.A. project
The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås
PhD Marjan Kooroshnia
The designer explores the properties of jacquard weaving in terms of expanding and strengthening haptic perception. She focuses on the positive and stimulating effect that textiles can have on people. The project is the final result of her research on the mutual impact of various types of weaves, such as paper yarn, linen, cotton, viscose, and wool. The outcome of the project is a collection of six textile objects: from very rough, to very soft. Each consists of two up to twelve textures. They are also sets of different scales, sizes, shapes, and spatial directions that affect the form of interaction, which translates to differences in their tactile expression. The project is an experiment but the solutions can be implemented on the market, which the designer is planning to do.