Sabina Kamińska (PL)
Fold Desk school furniture set
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
Tomasz Wójcik
A clash is visible in Poland between contemporary teaching methods and the school infrastructure. The heavy, two‑person desks with two chairs, made at the lowest possible costs, are more suited to traditional forms of education, to listening to a teacher’s lectures, and not independent problem‑solving by students working in groups. Fold Desk was created to serve the new educational challenges. Above all, it facilitates the swift rearranging of a space. The desks can be easily folded and the chairs stacked. The one‑person seats, in the shape of a rectangular trapezoid, can be variously arranged, depending on the size of the group or the sort of task to be carried out. Because the laptop has become standard school equipment, the desktop also has a hole for cables. A second, symmetrical hole is for writing implements, alongside of which is space for a pencil case. A hook for hanging a backpack is on the backrest of the chair. The tidiness and warmth of the student’s workplace is also important. The light metal construction is painted white, along with the wooden chair backrest; the desktop is also laminated white, to counteract the impression that cheapness and solidity were of capital importance here, “because the student will just destroy the desk anyway.”