Kamil Rewieński (PL)
Design for Stanisław Markowski’s “Toward Liberty” Photo Book
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
adiunkt Ewa Pawluczuk
A book with reportage photography from 1980–1989, combining tradition with modernity. The tradition here is the contents; the form is what is new. This consciously planned dichotomy is meant to help young people’s reception of history. The form of the book was designed with full respect for the gravity of the subject and the nature of the photographs depicting the history of the “Solidarity” movement.
The designer has used a modular division into four columns and seven tiers, creating 45 × 35 mm blocks. The columns in the spreads are marked out identically, which means the outside margins of spreads differ. The typography gives the book a modern and original feel (Cholla Slab is used), as do the infographics, differentiation, reference system, and binding.