Martyna Piątek (PL)
I remember – objects to commemorate the dead ones in the spirit of the less waste movement
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
dr hab. Agata Chmielarz
The project draws from the tradition of honouring the memory of the deceased. However, it is the opposite of kitsch and uncontrolled use of plastic. The key focus of the project is emotionality and the need to retain the solemn form of the rite. Another crucial issue is waste reduction. The designer has proposed a kit consisting of a set of sheets for burning, a memory cup with an ash container, a vase for cut flowers, and a flower pot with a terracotta hydrating insert. All the elements have been made from natural materials. The function of the candle is performed by the beeswax-covered sheet of paper, which can burn for a couple of minutes. It can also be used to write a symbolic message to the late family member or friend.