Peter Simoník (SK)
The individuality and diversity of the object
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Prof. František Burian
Three objects make up a furniture collection with powerful metaphorical significance. Depending on their mood and individual experience users can interpret the meaning and function of the objects in different ways. The designer has built the collection on archetypal images, to evoke a sense of ambiguous meaning. An objective description of the objects is impossible, because their comprehension is always a question of individual interpretation. A subjective manner of perceiving the objects changes the seeming simplicity into a wealth of images and emotional experiences; this also concerns the functional use of the objects. One example is the couch, which is the most expressive and evokes the most powerful – and sometimes conflicting – emotions. Its form can be just as well associated with a coffin as with a roofed hut, affording shelter and intimacy. This ambivalence of perception also concerns the function – the furniture could be a nest, or a storage place for valuable items. The other two objects are equally ambiguous. The designer’s work should leave no one feeling indifferent – as he elevates functional objects to the realm of art.